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Wet Utilities

B&F’s dedicated team has effectively managed and successfully completed thousands of wet utility projects since our inception in 1990. The B&F team excels at the installation of:

  • Waterlines
  • Sewer lines
  • Storm drains
  • Water main rehabilitation
  • And more

We have an extensive inventory of wet-utility related equipment & materials, allowing our clients to save time, costs, and reduce the need for subcontractors. We can self-perform the majority of wet utility work and additional associated work, from utility relocation, surface restorations, pump stations, lift stations, slip lining, temporary water supply, and more.

Utility Rehabilitation

B&F’s Utility Rehabilitation Division is recognized throughout the Southwest as a market leader in full-service rehabilitation. Our expertise includes:

  • Sewer pipeline rehabilitation projects of all sizes
    delivered through different procurement methods (CMAR, JOC, DB, etc.)
  • Manhole installation and rehabilitation
  • Emergency response work
  • Large complex bypass projects
  •  Lining (CIPP, pressure lining, HDPE)
  •  Flow monitoring-Odor control
  •  Fusion capabilities

B&F has always been a leading adopter of innovative methods including one of the first to install Armorock, Predl, FRP Inserts, and complete in pipe and manhole Carbon fiber repairs to critical infrastructure.

Dry Utilities

B&F is expert in the installation and infrastructure of:

  •  Communication services
  •  Networks
  •  Fiber optic installation
  •  Electrical for industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

Our scope of work also includes experience providing infrastructure for power, site electrical, as well as working with data and motor control centers, cell sites and towers. Additionally, we are certified installers for gas sleeves. We are able to self-perform the majority of the scope on dry utility projects due to our large inventory of resources and equipment.

Traffic Signals & Street Lights

B&F’s Traffic Signals & Street Lights Division has varied experience in all types of streetlights, traffic signals, and traffic intersection modifications. This experience includes:

  • Full new street signalization
  • Traffic signal and street lights installation
  • Modifications and updates to existing signalization
  • And more.

We have experience working on smaller roads and major arterial intersections. Our good standing with local power companies and continuous training regarding technical installation requirements and traffic control procedures allow us to provide high-quality products and services to our clients.

Pump Solutions & Rentals

As the leader in the installation, construction, repair, and rehabilitation of underground utilities in the Southwest, we deeply understand contractors and their needs for specialized equipment and materials. B&F’s Pump Solutions & Rentals Division provides the specialty equipment and materials you need to complete your project 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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