City of Tempe Emergency Sewer Repair

  • Location: Tempe, AZ
  • Delivery Method: JOC
  • Services: Bypass Pumping

Project Details

The City of Tempe called B&F; regarding and imminent pipe collapse on a 27-inch unlined concrete sewer pipe. The 27-inch line had a complete failure at the flow line and caused the top pipe to collapse inside the bottom cradle of the pipe. B&F; worked with the City to develop a scope of work required to rehabilitate the unlined concrete pipe and manholes. This work included the removal and replacement of 46 linear feet (LF) of 27-inch, CIPP lining of 1984 LF of unlined concrete pipe and coating existing manholes with JPCI Sewer Shield. B&F; also CIPP lined the 46 LF of replacement pipe sewer line. B&F; had to developed a bypass plan to dry up two each 27-inch lines upstream and the five each lateral lines that entered the pipe to create one large bypass system.

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