Pantano Wash Emergency Sewer Bypass

  • Location: Pima County, AZ
  • Delivery Method: JOC
  • Services: Emergency Response, Bypass Pumping,

Project Details

B&F responded to an emergency phone call at 4:00 pm on 8/18/2014 from John Warner, the Deputy Director for PCRWRD. The County had been working on an SSO for the last 12 hours that occurred on an existing 12-inch sewer line near the Pantano Wash in East Tucson. Construction debris had washed down the line from another contractor on a new sewer line project. The contractor and County were unable to manage flows with their combo trucks. With a large monsoon storm approaching, B&F responded to the emergency within an hour with the appropriately sized bypass equipment necessary to mitigate the SSO event. Our crews installed a 1,500 LF bypass system, including three 6-inch pumps within eight hours from the time we received the call. The bypass system was installed during a large monsoon that dropped over 2-inches of rain in an eight-hour period. The bypass system was successfully fired up at 12:00 am on 8/19/2016, eliminating the SSO event in roughly 8 hours from the time B&F was first contacted.

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