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Greenfield Rd Wastewater Force Main Emergency Repair & Rehabilitation

Greenfield Rd Wastewater Force Main Emergency Repair & Rehabilitation

Project Details

  • Location:Gilbert, AZ
  • Delivery Method:JOC
  • Services:Emergency Response
  • Description:The Town of Gilbert (TOG) called B&F to investigate a failing DIP sewer force main in Greenfield Road. It was determined that the DIP force mains were completely deteriorated and needed to be replaced and that a gravity main was the best solution to put the lines back in service. B&F worked with the TOG and their design engineer to devise a plan to repair the lines under a temporary bypass. B&F designed and managed a 2 MGD bypass for 43 days at a nearby lift station to dry up the affected pipelines. We then removed 2,400 LF of dual 14-inch and 18-inch DIP force mains and prepared for a gravity sewer replacement. We installed 1,300 LF of 24-inch PVC SDR 35 sewer along with a drop connection to the existing sewer manhole and three each fiberglass reinforced composite manholes. We did exploratory inspection pits on the force mains to determine the limits of the force main replacement.

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