The B&F Benefit

Your Trusted Turn - key Contractor


B&F has its clients’ best interests at all times. Our primary goal is to provide a smooth experience from project award to final completion. Our team is consistently implementing new, innovative methods and procedures to improve our services and products, always prioritizing customer satisfaction and expectations. 


Safety is the top priority for our company and employees. It is our policy to make every effort to prevent the occurrence of injury or accidents within our workforce and to all others affected by our work. We are committed to monitoring our job site security and safety to meet all OSHA and local safety requirements. Additionally, B&F is continuously finding new and better ways to educate our workforce and achieve safe work practices. Some of these efforts include holding daily, weekly, and an annual safety meetings, actively investing and training our employees, and certifying all its field personnel in trenching, shoring, excavation safety, PPE, confined space awareness, and competent person training.


Our team consistently strives to provide the highest quality products and services to our clients. We actively implement methods and strategies to provide better value and results from the design phase to the final closeout. We perform value engineering analysis and constructability reviews, where we identify innovative opportunities that can help improve efficiency, schedule, budget, operations, and lifecycle of a project. We look for alternative methods in all areas of construction and promptly communicate them to our clients, always ensuring their needs and expectations are met.


B&F prides itself in being a company that emphasizes open collaboration and communication at all times. We are certain that there is no issue that we cannot resolve with teamwork and transparency. Our team members, both in and out of the field, work together to reach our goals and satisfy our clients. We focus on fostering a collaborative decision-making environment and work together to provide implementable and sustainable solutions to every project. Moreover, we are always looking to partner with our clients and receive candid feedback on our performance to improve our services. Providing consistent results and quality work are part of our core principles.


Our team is continuously implementing the most advanced technology, whether it’s in or out on the field. We seek the latest processes and procedures to provide a more efficient, high-quality service. B&F values innovation in all stages of project development, from management and project planning to newer installation, rehabilitation, and repair methods for underground utilities. We believe the latest technology provides the biggest savings and best results for our clients.
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