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B&F has decades successfully completed projects through various delivery methods. We are experts in CMAR, JOC, and Design-Bid-Build work. We also have experience with design-build and public-private partnerships (PPP). With our expertise and knowledge of different contract delivery methods, we can successfully complete projects no matter the contracting method.

B&F CONTRACTING - Nationwide Project

Design-Bid-Build (DBB)

Sometimes referred to as “Hard Bid” or “Low Bid” is a common and popular procurement approach. With this method, the owner hires a designer to create plans and specifications, and then invites contractors to bid on the project. Typically, pricing on the job is submitted confidentially and the lowest priced bidder expects to get the contract.

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This procurement method brings the contractor in early in the process where the project may still be in the conceptual and design phase. The owner benefits from the contractor's expertise and input on the design and construction aspects.

JOC (1)

Job Order Contracts (JOC’s)

JOC contracts allow for the completion of multiple, small to medium-sized projects within a single procurement contract. This streamlined process saves time, reduces administrative burden, and leads to cost savings.

B&F CONTRACTING - Tempe Streetcar Project

Emergency Services

Within our JOC delivery method, B&F performs Emergency Services work within the scope of our main services. Many of our JOCs have cooperative language which would allow them to be used as an emergency service by agencies that don’t have existing JOC contracts. We can be on site within 2 hours to most areas of the Phoenix Metropolitan area as well as Tucson.

B&F CONTRACTING - Nationwide Project

Design Build

Design Build is a method of procurement having the prime contractor hire the design firm and work together to build the project. The partnership starts from the design phase and ends with project closeout.

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