43rd Ave Pit Dewatering and Repair

Water released from the Roosevelt dam caused significant pressure on the levee protecting the rock pit and equipment. B&F Pump Solutions immediately mobilized to fuse 18” pipe and supply large volume pumps to reduce the pressure on the levee prior to a breach. Pumps ranged from 5 MGD to 9 MGD.

Del Rio Landfill Leak Investigation

B&F performed investigation and repair on a leaking pipe located at Del Rio Landfill. B&F was in charge of completing the excavation and backfill to repair the leaking condensate. Our team layed the 8-inch PVC pipe, completed the fittings and fusion of the new pipe. B&F’s Pump Solutions team provided the backhoe, water trailer, and […]

Skunk Creek Landfill Cleanout Pump

B&F provided rental solutions for Skunk Creek Landfill. We mobilized our 500- and 800-gallon vactor trailers and our experienced crews to complete a pumping cleanout.

SR85 Landfill

B&F was selected by Tetra Tech BAS, Inc. to complete work on the SR85 Landfill. B&F provided the labor and equipment for multiple projects. Our team mobilized along with a 500 gallon vactor trailer for cleaning pumping. Additionally, B&F completed the installation of a new vault and reconstruction of manholes. B&F also provided a 6-inch […]

PSHIA Swift Ramp 12-inch Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

The project involved the placement of a temporary sewer bypass for Rummel Construction. This was to allow a CIPP lining of the existing 12” sewer. Cleaning and CCTV were required prior to lining operation. The location of the sewer bypass required permits and only certain employees were able to meet the requirements to work on […]

Lift Station 66 Sewer Bypass

This project consisted of a 12 MGD sewer bypass for the City of Phoenix, who needed to replace the electrical infrastructure at the station. Working with the City, we were able to supply a turnkey solution that eliminated the sewer bypass from conflicting with construction. Additionally, the bypass design saved on equipment while keeping lift […]