B&F Crews Respond to JOC Emergency + Importance of ADPM Contracts

October 29, 2023

B&F crews received a call on Saturday around 1:00 PM that a significant section of roadway had settled through an intersection on a major arterial roadway. Our experienced crews were able to be onsite within 1 hour to assess and begin preparations for the repair. They worked into the evening wrapping up and getting the section back into service by 9 PM. We appreciate our guys’ commitment putting in a 17-hour shift to ensure we could get the line back into service for the community.

This brings up an important issue coming to the legislature this year to ensure our municipalities have the proper contracts in place to assist with these issues in the future. The Alternative Delivery Procurement Methods statute for Job Order Contracts, Construction Manager at Risk, and Design Build sunsets in 2025 and if new legislation and/or extension is not passed, all of these types of contracts (which are the most widely used in Arizona) will not exist. These contracts help repair our waterlines, sewer lines, roadways, parks, schools, and traffic signals.

So help keep our infrastructure working by supporting your local town/cities, counties, and state by supporting to extend the state statute and voting back in our +40 year running 5 cent sales tax that is reinvested into our public transit and highway system to keep our roads smooth.

B&F emergency workers looking at jobsite
Section of road that needs to be repaired.
Closeup of sinkhole