B&F Responds to Job Order Contracting Sewer Emergency

January 20, 2024

Emergencies are never convenient and tend to happen at the worst times. This is why having a full-service turnkey contractor on call should be mandatory. B&F received the call at 11:30 pm on Wednesday for an emergency bypass at a lift station.

Due to proximity from the nearest sewer main 2.5 miles away, B&F mobilized frac tanks for temporary storage and arranged transport of fluids to the nearest wastewater plant. The Town then asked B&F for assistance to troubleshoot the issues with the existing system. B&F mobilized our camera truck and Vactor trucks to start assessing the system. We come to find a completely deteriorated pipeline whose crown had collapsed with the soil falling into the line. This was blocking the flow along with 40 years of tuberculation not allowing the sewer to flow to the outfall. B&F began to push the camera to the line to see the length of deteriorated pipe and we mobilized our equipment and manpower to begin removing the pipe and picking the required repair pipe for the fix.

It’s Friday evening at 7 pm still going strong and will continue around the clock the get the system back on line. We are able to manage this all through our internal equipment and personnel, which streamlines the process, reduces the impact of the emergency, and saves money. One Call We Do It All. Vactor Cleaning/Digging, CCTV water or sewer, pipe repairs, concrete, paving, trucking, pumping, coating, and more. Special thanks to Randy, Tanner, Kol, Brian, Ivan and Alfredo for doing an awesome job.

Field crew assessing trench on the ground
Field crew assessing trench on the ground