Del Rio Landfill Leak Investigation

B&F performed investigation and repair on a leaking pipe located at Del Rio Landfill. B&F was in charge of completing the excavation and backfill to repair the leaking condensate. Our team layed the 8-inch PVC pipe, completed the fittings and fusion of the new pipe. B&F’s Pump Solutions team provided the backhoe, water trailer, and […]

Skunk Creek Landfill Cleanout Pump

B&F provided rental solutions for Skunk Creek Landfill. We mobilized our 500- and 800-gallon vactor trailers and our experienced crews to complete a pumping cleanout.

SR85 Landfill

B&F was selected by Tetra Tech BAS, Inc. to complete work on the SR85 Landfill. B&F provided the labor and equipment for multiple projects. Our team mobilized along with a 500 gallon vactor trailer for cleaning pumping. Additionally, B&F completed the installation of a new vault and reconstruction of manholes. B&F also provided a 6-inch […]