Walmart Off-Site Traffic Signals and Streetlights

B&F was awarded this Design-Bid-Build project in 2011 from the Town of Cave Creek for Wal-Mart. The project included a road widening and full infrastructure rehabilitation of the intersection at Cave Creek Road and Carefree Highway, extending East to 56th Street, and South to Olesen Rd. A significant part of the project included providing new full […]

Higley and Baseline Road Improvements

B&F was selected to improve the traffic signal and street lights located on Higley Rd and Baseline Rd for the Town of Gilbert. The project consisted of installing temporary traffic signals, traffic signal conduit, streetlights, and traffic signal relocation. Our team also completed the installation of fiber optic conduit, pull boxes, Opticom on 3 existing […]

City of Kingman Traffic Signal Improvements

This project was completed for the City of Kingman through cooperative language with our City of Peoria Traffic Signals JOC. The scope consists of the installation of traffic signal foundations, flashing yellow arrows, signal poles, streetlights, CCTV cameras, as well as upgrades to existing streetlights, rewiring signalized intersections, and more.

Town of Gilbert Traffic Signals JOC

B&F provided traffic signal installation, modifications, and upgrade services for the Town of Gilbert’s Traffic Signals JOC. Some of the work included new traffic signals at existing intersections, such as the Gilbert Rd and Vaughn Ave intersection in the Historic Downtown area. The signal was designed within the limited right‐of‐way constraint of this area and […]

City of Phoenix Historical Streetlight Restoration

B&F was commissioned by the City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Office to provide full design services for three National Register Historic Districts. B&F was responsible for an assessment which inventoried, categorized, and evaluated the 123 Historic Concrete and Metal Streetlights. The assessment also provided recommendations for preserving and repairing the streetlights. The construction phase restored […]

City of Peoria Streetlights and Traffic Systems JOC

B&F was selected as a JOC contractor by the City of Peoria for on-call and specific projects for streetlights and traffic systems. The JOC’s issued include, but are not limited to, the installation of flashing (yellow) arrows, installation of multiple new streetlights, signal pole installation, emergency accident assistance (knock downs), rewiring signalized intersections, installation of […]

Town of Paradise Valley Traffic Signals JOC

B&F was contracted to perform traffic signal upgrades which consisted of new and existing equipment, new wire, and new emergency vehicle preemption capability. Work was done during night and day shifts depending on the work involved. B&F also performed night work for this JOC, which involved changing out the traffic signal poles, adding photo radar […]

48th Street and Broadway Traffic Signal Installation

The project was one of the larger Job Order Contracts from the City of Tempe. This project required the installation of new foundations, j-boxes, and conduit work at the NW, SW, and SE corners of 48th Street and Broadway and potholing at the NE corner to determine if new foundations were possible. B&F was issued […]

City of Tempe Traffic Signal & Foundation Installation Services JOC

B&F provided routine, non-routine and “on call” services for the City of Tempe for the Traffic Signal Foundations JOC. The services included installation, repair, upgrades, and maintenance of streetlight, traffic signals, underground conduit and all associated work, including traffic control, scheduling, and potholing. B&F provided all labor and materials necessary to install foundations for traffic […]

Dobson Road and University Drive Intersection Improvements

The Dobson Road and University Drive Intersection Improvements for the City of Mesa rehabilitated the entire roadway and underground infrastructure for 1½ miles along University Drive and Dobson Road. This restoration work included three major intersections along University Drive. For each of these intersections, the existing traffic signals and streetlights were removed and replaced with […]